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AUGUST 27, 2014

What am I doing now?

OK, I'm in the process of closing and selling the building.  All of the staff are gone except for me.  Honda has picked up all the new motorcycles, ATV's, and generators.  I have no used motorcycles and ATV's that run.

I do have a few old motorcycles for parts.

I still have lots of chrome accessories for Goldwings, helmets, tires, and our Honda parts to sell.  However, I am NOT in the liquidation process yet.

Parts and accessories are 25% off.

Tires are 50% off.

Want a better deal?  Buy MORE!  I'll work with you on big purchases.

Darrin Talbott



Have you seen this bike?  

The owner promised me that his mom was coming to pay his repair bill.  Like an idiot, I trusted him.  She never showed up.  I wonder if he even told her.

He owes me $500, and I trust karma to deal with him.


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